Sunday, January 22, 2017

Oh, please!!! Republicans are insulted and outraged over the language on signs at the Women's March

FUCK YOU!!!!  Get over it, snowflakes.

It seems that Republicans are having a major sad at the “offensive” language seen on signs at Saturday’s massive, world-wide Women’s March.  In the latest faux outrage, Republican snowflake Sen. John Cornyn, praised an entire article that sobs about the little ladies being foul-mouthed.

Of course, not a single Republican is outraged or insulted by this:

 So, Republicans:  Take your outrage and shove it up your ass.

Bullshit from the other Bull Elephant

First, a word of explanation.  I live in Virginia.  The "premier conservative blog" in Virginia is The Bull Elephant (TBE) -- not this one, but the other one.  I was banned from TBE because I posted facts that destroyed their lies, misrepresentations, and nonsense.  Like Republicans everywhere, they cannot stand to be shown as liars, so, they hid their heads in the sand and banned me.

They are at it again.  Here's the opening paragraph from an article on TBE today, Jan 22.

With a robust wag of the finger, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer rebuked the press corps Saturday for their manipulation of the inauguration attendance and an alleged removal of a MLK bust from the White House. Not that I particularly enjoy watching an administration lower themselves to their level. Know how the left gets into full-metal meltdown over people refuting climate data and even calls them “Science Deniers?” This is how I look at anyone who still denies media bias. I would say never in history has there been such staking of sympathy toward preferred political world views, but sadly I would be wrong.

So the clown who wrote this nonsense is supporting Trump's press secretary for rebuking the press corps for "manipulating" reporting on the crowd size at the inauguration.  Here are the facts:  
  • The crowd at Trump's inauguration was dwarfed by the crowd the next day at the Women's March.  
  • The crowd at Trump's inauguration was one of the smallest in the past two decades.
  • There were vast areas of empty seats and empty crowd space at the Trump inauguration.
  • All one needs to do is use Google to check out the crowd size that the inauguration versus the crowd at the Women's March.

The press reported factually.  Here's a news flash for TBE, Trump, and Trump's press secretary:  Get over it.

Meanwhile, one of Trump's spokespeople appeared on CNN today and said, no, they are not lying, they are simply citing "alternative facts."  God help us.


Rural America voted for Trump and now he will kill them by repealing the Affordable Care Act

The health of rural America is failing, and a repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) without adequate replacement could prove disastrous. A December, 2016 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that for the first time in 20 years, life expectancy in the United States has declined, particularly in small cities and rural areas, where people are dying at much higher rates. This shocking trend is driven in part by increasing mortality rates for white, working-class Americans, many of whom live in rural America.

There is no better indicator of well-being than life expectancy, and reversals like this are unusual for wealthy nations where successive generations increase in longevity. This has remained true for vulnerable, minority populations in America, as blacks and Hispanics continue to make gains in life expectancy even while experiencing significant health disparities.

This drop in life expectancy in rural areas is linked to higher rates of chronic illness, obesity, drug overdose, alcoholism, mental illness and suicide. Death rates are most notable for rural white women, who are now much more likely than their grandmothers to suffer from obesity, smoking and alcoholism. Rising rates of opioid addiction have resulted in an increase in drug dependency in newborns born to rural mothers. Further, dwindling industry in these communities limits access to both employment and to health care.

Taken as a whole, Medicaid expansion through the ACA has resulted in critical gains toward improving rural population health by expanding insurance coverage and stabilizing rural hospitals.

It is no surprise that rural Americans experienced the highest rates of coverage gains through the ACA. They have been more likely to have had inadequate access to affordable health care for years. This dramatic increase in insurance is translating into improved health for these communities.

For example, in Arkansas and Kentucky, Medicaid expansion resulted in fewer people skipping medications due to cost, a decline in difficulty paying medical bills and an increase in regular doctor visits for chronic illnesses.

As the headline states:  When the Republicans repeal the Affordable Care Act, rural Americans will be the hardest hit . . . the same people who voted for Republicans and for Trump.

Friday, January 20, 2017

"American carnage"

In his inaugural speech on January 20, Trump spoke of "American carnage."


He has no idea what he's talking about.  Under President Obama the DJI went from 6,700 to 19,900 in the greatest accumulation of capital in the history of Capitalism. In 2013, the first full year of the Affordable Care Act, the DJI goes up an astounding 4,000 points, and incredible 38%.   Under President Obama, unemployment dropped from almost 9& to 4.5%.
Never in history has a group of people accumulated so much wealth as have the wealthiest Americans in the past eight years. And then they play the victim card, entitled white men have been treated so unfairly. 

You want to see carnage?  Look at Aleppo, Syria; Beirut, Lebanon; Mosul, Iraq.

You want to see carnage?  Look at what happened to the men who charged Normandy and compare it to the whiney bleating of the new President. The real carnage that is on display is the carnage being inflicted on the dignity of the office he occupies. He is a cancer on this nation.

Inauguration day follies

As expected, the Virginia rightwing blog "The Bull Elephant" went all ga-ga, wetting their pants over Trump's inauguration.  From their comments, you would have thought it was the Second Coming of Christ -- in fact, it was the Coming of the AntiChrist.

I pointed out that the first executive order issued by Trump was one that overturned an Obama action that lowered the mortgage insurance premium paid by FHA mortgage holders.  Immediately, one of the Bull Elephant know-nothings told me I didn't know what I was talking about and my report was fake news.

I tried to reply to him by posting links to numerous news articles confirming my statement.  However, when I tried to post my response, I was informed that I had been BANNED FROM THE BULL ELEPHANT!!  (More about that later.)

Trump's first executive order will immediately raise the mortgage payments for 750,000 to 850,000 middle income families.  Don't believe me?  Read about it here and here and here and here.

Now, as for my being banned from the Bull Elephant -- I don't know if I should:
-- slit my wrists and bid farewell to this cruel world, or,
-- contact the owner of The Bull Elephant and beg for forgiveness, or,
-- pour a drink and celebrate the fact that I pissed off a bunch of rightwingerdingers by posting the truth to the point that they felt threatened and banned me!!!

Meanwhile, if anyone from that other Bull Elephant read this, this one's for you: