Sunday, February 5, 2017

"Doctor" Robert Warren . . . bullshit artist

One of the regular contributors to The Bull Elephant is an individual who calls himself "Doctor Robert Warren."  Warren lives near Williamsburg, VA; he holds a PhD in one of the "social sciences."  As I was growing up in East Tennessee, one of our family friends was head of the Physics Department at the University of Tennessee.  One day I asked Dr. Rusk what "PhD" meant . . . he laughed and replied: "Well, son, it means 'Piled Higher and Deeper' ."  Then he laughed again.

I the case of "Doctor" Robert Warren, Prof. Rusk was right.

Warren piles it high and deep on The Bull Elephant blog.  His guest columns are nothing but an accumulation and regurgitation of the latest rightwing rumors and half-truths masquerading as deep intellectual thought.

His latest nonsense is in response to the shooting of an alleged "Muslim terrorist" at the Louvre in Paris.  Here's Warren's take on the incident:

. . . his (the shooter's) intent was not just to kill people but also to kill the foundation of the Western world

. . .

In conclusion, President Trump’s immigration ban might or might not have stopped this type of attack on the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City or the Smithsonian Institution complex in the District of Columbia.  However, it is a first step of many aimed at getting control of the chaotic and uncontrolled immigration situation left by Obama.

Well, isn't that special.  "Doctor" Warren can read a dead man's mind and discern his intent.  The "chaotic and uncontrolled immigration situation left by Obama" is sheer horseshit.  The current system for vetting possible refugees is extensive, taking 2 - 5 years before anyone receives a US entry visa.  Of course, the clowns who inhabit The Bull Elephant all are stroking their beards and agreeing with Warren's nonsense.

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