Sunday, February 5, 2017

Republicans on the run!!!!!

California Republican runs from his constituents

I’ll give him credit, at least Congressman Tom McClintock (R, CA) showed up to talk with his constituents. But, is sounds as if he defended the Republican agenda and the crowd was not having it:

Facing a packed auditorium and raucous crowd, Republican Congressman Tom McClintock on Saturday defended his party’s national agenda and voiced strong support for President Donald Trump’s disputed executive actions to scale back Obamacare, ban refugees from seven predominantly Muslim countries and build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.
“Vote him out,” hundreds of demonstrators chanted outside the Tower Theatre in downtown Roseville, the Republican-heavy population center of McClintock’s sprawling congressional district. Inside the theater, more than than 200 people
McClintock eventually fled the town hall and was escorted by a large group of police to a waiting SUV that sped away as the crowd chanted, “Shame on you!”

 Meanwhile . . . on the other hand . . . 

Several hundred people — primarily women — gathered to meet Rep. Susan Brooks (R-IN) of Indiana’s 5th District during her one hour Connect event at the Anderson Impact Center in Anderson, Indiana. The crowd was cordial and polite with many like-minded individuals and inspiring stories.
Chants of “Save Our Healthcare” could be heard outside the building and were taken up at various times during the event. There was a 30 minute wait just to get a name tag and number to join the crowd waiting in the gymnasium to see Rep. Brooks. From there, groups of 10 people formed for single issues like the ACA, ethics concerns, the Muslim Ban, women’s rights and more. Several people, who weren’t part of Ms. Brooks’ staff, passed out forms to request a meeting in the form of a town hall.

Rep. Brooks was gracious with her time and stayed longer than the designated hour to meet the hundreds of people waiting, but it appears some individuals who were in line did not get the opportunity after waiting for two and a half hours. The overarching concern among the people waiting to talk with Rep. Brooks was how much the United States has changed in two short weeks and how that change is destroying our country.

 However, most Republican representatives are terrified of meeting the people they are supposed to represent

Rep. Barbara Comstock, who represents Virginia’s 10th Congressional district, failed to appear at the town hall meeting she was supposed to host last weekend:
Rep. Barbara Comstock stood up constituents over the weekend who attended two townhalls with questions about an Obamacare repeal and the Trump Administration’s travel ban.
People expecting to meet with her were livid:
But Comstock never showed up, angering dozens of constituents who wanted clarity on the GOP’s plan to replace Obamacare. Others wanted to question her about Trump’s immigration executive order. Dulles International Airport, after all, sits on the edge of Comstock’s district. And on Saturday, thousands from her Northern Virginia district swarmed the airport to protest the travel ban as green-card holders were detained for hours at a time.
“A friend just came back from a Comstock event in Oakton — Barbara was supposed to meet constituents there to talk about the repeal of Obamacare AND SHE NEVER SHOWED UP,” wrote Fairfax resident James McCeney on the public Facebook page of liberal activist group, Our Revolution Northern Virginia. “THIS IS SHAMEFUL… If you're in the 10th district, call her office and let her know that we won't be tolerating her not doing her job anymore.”
She did have time to attend a megachurch dedication in her district. Angry constituents continue leaving messages on her Facebook page calling for a town hall meeting with her.

Republicans find themselves on the run from their own constituents across the country. Rep. Mike Coffman was seen bolting early, running out a side door, from a town hall meeting when a large crowd of constituents showed up to support the Affordable Care Act and ask him not to vote for a repeal.

Missouri residents have repeatedly asked Sen. Roy Blunt for a town hall meeting with constituents. These people took time off from their jobs to visit his office midday on a Tuesday, but thousands more would like to attend a weekend or evening town hall.

 While Republicans are running from their constituents, Democrats are working long hours to meet with and talk with the people they represent.

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