Saturday, February 18, 2017

This is what you Republicans have wrought . . . chaos, lies, hate, ignorance

500 Mar-A-Largo members pay big $$$ to meet with Trump, offer advice.  We truly are ruled by an oligarchy.

Pres. Donald Trump is using his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida as an exclusive salon where members gain unique access to the chief executive and jockey to influence his decisions on issues that directly affect their business interests.

The New York Times reported on Saturday that the 500 people paying $200,000 per year to belong to Trump’s exclusive club include “dozens of real estate developers, Wall Street financiers, energy executives and others whose businesses could be affected by Mr. Trump’s policies.”

“At least three club members are under consideration for an ambassadorship,” wrote the Times‘ Nicholas Confessore, Maggie Haberman and Eric Lipton. “Most of the 500 have had memberships predating Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign, and there are a limited number of memberships still available.”

Trump gives young Jewish reporter a public tongue-lashing; Jewish organizations are horrified at Trump's anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitic writers are thrilled that President Donald Trump denounced a Jewish reporter at a press conference and told him to be quiet after he asked the president to condemn anti-Semitism. They said Trump's performance was "amazing" and "one of the greatest things I've ever witnessed in my life" because he criticized "the Jews" and showed that the press is "totally part of the Jewish deep state."

During his February 16 press conference, Trump called on Jake Turx, a reporter for the Orthodox Jewish weekly Ami Magazine, because he was looking for a "friendly reporter." As The New York Times noted, the "young correspondent received a tongue-lashing from the president" after he told Trump that he was concerned about "an uptick in anti-Semitism" and wondered what the government would do about it.

General Barry McAffrey nails it:  No one with any standing in the national security arena wants to work for the Trump Freak Show

Appearing on MSNBC, retired Gen. Barry McCaffery said the Trump administration is having difficulties replacing ousted National Security Adviser Mike Flynn because likely candidates are looking at a “disorganized” White House and have no desire to destroy their careers.

McCaffrey, who served as the head of the Office of National Drug Control Policy under President Bill Clinton, addressed the fact the former Gen. David Petraeus had withdrawn his name for consideration two days after Vice Adm. Robert Harward opted out after seeing President Trump’s widely derided press conference.

Asked to comment, McCaffrey first pointed out that many likely candidates wouldn’t be considered because they had previously criticized Trump.

“I think part of the problem is the intellectual heavyweights of the defense community and the Republican Party all denounced the president during the campaign, so the pickings are sort of slim,” McCaffrey explained. “Having said that, there are good people out there who I’m sure would consider serving.”

“The problem is the acrimonious nature, the disorganization inside the White House and for that matter, with among the government, is so profound that a lot of good people who are are going to be hesitant to risk their career for public service,” he warned.

Asked about the fact that former Sen. Dan Coats (R-IN) has yet to be confirmed as Director of National Intelligence, McCaffery didn’t see that happening.

“Well, I’m — I would not be unsurprised to see Senator Coats withdraw his name,” McCaffery replied. “There was a lot of talk about putting in other unqualified people in the administration and in the intelligence community. ”

 Kelleyanne Conway -- Liar-In-Chief -- is called up short by her alma mater, she lashes back in typical fashion.

Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway has taken heat from various quarters for everything from challenging reality with ‘alternative facts,” to hawking first daughter Ivanka Trump’s clothing line on during a Fox News interview.

Now she’s under attack by the president of her alma mater, forcing her to lash out once again.
Trinity Washington University President Patricia McGuire recently had some harsh words for Conway, calling her, “Part of a team that thinks nothing of shaping and spreading a skein of lies as a means to secure power.”

Writing on the Trinity President’s blog, under the title, “On lies and the truth we must tell,” McGuire was very blunt.

“We Americans study the history of tyranny and exclaim, “That’s terrible, but it would not happen here!” as we congratulate ourselves on the robust state of our democracy. The experience of the last few months now exposes this once-confident boast as terribly naive and perhaps even dangerous as a new administration indulges in a remarkable torrent of false and misleading statements as a basis for policy and action.”

McGuire then turned to Conway, class of 1989.

“Presidential Counselor Kellyanne Conway, Trinity Class of 1989, has played a large role in facilitating the manipulation of facts and encouraging the grave injustice being perpetrated by the Trump Administration’s war on immigrants among many other issues. She is one of President Trump’s primary spokespersons, an almost daily figure on cable news shows,” McGuire wrote. ” Some people admire her staunch advocacy for her client’s positions, and others applaud the fact that she was the first woman to manage a successful presidential campaign. But in fact, as is true of many of President Trump’s statements, her advocacy on his behalf is often at variance with the truth.”

It's not just the White House -- it's the entire Trump Administration that is in total chaos -- never seen anything like this before -- the US government is paralyzed because of ineptness, ignorance, lies, ego

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