Sunday, February 12, 2017

Where is his brith certificate?

Here's an announcement from "The Bull Elephant," which promotes itself as Virginia's leading conservative voice.

Puneet Ahluwalia is challenging Democrat incumbent Kathleen Murphy in the 34th district of the House of Delegates.  As one of her biggest supporters, he has the support and endorsement of Barbara Comstock.

Ahluwalia is a representative of the 10th district on State Central Committee and he is a lobbyist and consultant for the Livingston Group and New World Strategies.

 "Puneet Ahluwalia???"  I want to see his birth certificate.  The LONG FORM of his birth certificate.  He needs to show us his papers.

Meanwhile, there's also this:
Another Indian American, Subba Kolla, is running for the 87th district of the House of Delegates against Democrat incumbent John Bell. 
"Subba Kolla??"  We need his birth certificate also.  The LONG FORM.  Papers, please.

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