Wednesday, March 8, 2017

More bullshit from The Bull(shitting) Elephant

"The Bull Elephant" is a blog that touts itself as "Virginia's premier conservative voice."  If that's the case, Virginia conservatives are in deep shit because TBE content is a huge pile of steaming bullshit that comes:
  •  from radical rightwing propaganda outlets such as Fox, Breitbart, The WAshington (DC) Beacon, the Washington (DC) Times, and the like.
  • from "foundations" and "centers" that consist mainly of 2-3 people funded by the Koch brothers, the Heritage Foundation, and other parts of the rightwing noise machine
  • from articles written by such dimbulbs as
    •  Jeanine Martin -- a dowdy, frumpy upper-moiddle-aged lady from Lovettsville, VA, who believes every email written in ALL CAPS, FORWARD THIS TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW
    • Stephen Brody Tucker -- who presents himself as TBE's resident "intellectual" because he sips whiskey and smokes cigars
    • and an assortment of other authors that no one has heard of.
Well, now TBE is all a'twitter because of reports in two rightwing DC newspapers that 9,000 illegal aliens tried to vote in Loudon County.  They base this claim on an unverified report that, over 10 years or so, 9,000 people in Loudon County declined jury duty because they are not citizens.

According to TBE, prospective jurors come from voter registration rolls and DMV databases.  Thus, by their logic, there must be 9,000 people who are not citizens but who are registered to vote in Loudon County.

  • How do people decline jury duty?  A mail-in return form?  How many checked the wrong box?
  • In Virginia, non-citizens can have a driver's license.  How do we know the people who declined jury duty did not come solely from the DMV list?
  • How many people were slated for jury duty more than once and declined each time -- if this is the case, the number is not 9,000 because of duplicates.
Finally, how do we know TBE is a steaming pile of bullshit?  We know because we read and fact-check their articles -- and in every case, they fail the fact-check.  This is another case where, when it's all investigated, TBE will have another pile of bullshit to their credit.

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